Aquiring Hall of Fame Status in 1000 yard benchrest is an important milestone to any of the people listed in these pages. Ultimately, it's an honor bestowed upon those who have put forth a great effort in achieving thier goals and done it without loosing sight of the top for a long time.

These people probably make up less than 1% of the shooters who have been involved with our sport over the years, making this quite an exclusive list.

Light Gun Class Hall Of Fame:

InducteeYear Admitted
1George KruchinskyPA2002
2John HooverPA 2003
3Rich DillonPA2003
4Mark King PA2004
5Dianne HooverPA 2004
6Duane CapehartMT2005
7Adam HooverPA 2005
8Hubie HakesPA 2006
9John StecikPA 2006
10Bill MartinMT2006
11Boyd HeatonPA2006
12Dan FrazierPA2007
13Leo AndersonMT2007
14Ed KenzakoskiPA2007
15Shannnon AmmermanPA2008
16Tom Murtiff PA 2008
17Matthew Kline PA 2008
18Wayne Burrows PA 2012
19Scott Weber PA 2012
20Jay Burger PA 2014
21John Buhay PA 2015
22Dave Powley PA 2015
23John Stahl III PA 2016
24Robert Shields PA 2017
25Steve Brennan PA 2017
26Mike BonchackPA 2018
27Frank WeberPA2021

Congratulations to everyone on this list. You're all in good company.