May 19,2007. A spectacular view in Pennsylvania.

Since 1967, the PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club has been holding sanctioned competitions of long range benchrest shooting. Owing a lot of its history to the nearby municipality of Williamsport Pennsylvania, it has become known as the "Williamsport Club". We are proud to be the birthplace of 1000 yard shooting. Our club holds ten regular sanctioned matches each season, none any closer than two weeks apart. The 1000 Yard World Open is always held here in July of each year, and also several "Fun Shoot" weekends, before and after the season. Classes fired are Light Gun on Saturdays and Heavy Gun on Sundays. References to these are made repeatedly throughout the site and definitions of each may be found in the rules section.

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2020-04-02 - RANGE IS CLOSED

Due to the mandates set forth by Governor Wolf, the club and range facilities are CLOSED effective immediately.
This closure will remain in effect until at least April 30th or until the Governor lifts the current restrictions.

2020-03-31 - ***IMPORTANT INFO*** Club Schedule update

As we all have seen in recent days, the Covid-19 virus has affected every aspect of our normal lives and routines. Our club is no exception to this pandemic and government restrictions.
For the first time in our club's history, our schedule is being affected by this viral outbreak. We have many "seasoned" shooters and those with health issues that are a major concern for us all.
After much discussion, the board has determined that the scheduled opening of the club will be altered as follows:
1) The fun match scheduled for April 18th has been CANCELLED.
2) The work detail/shoot scheduled for April 25 & 26 has been CANCELLED.
3) Match #1 scheduled for May 2 & 3 has been postponed and is being set up for a double match with Match #4, on June 13 & 14.
4) Match #2 scheduled for May 16 & 17 has been postponed and is being set up for a double match with Match #5, on June 27 & 28.
5) The shooting school scheduled for June 5, 6, & 7 has been CANCELLED.
These decisions were not easily made by the board, but we have to keep in mind that this is a hobby and not life or death. We are concerned with the health and well being of all of our members as well as remaining in compliance with government regulations. Any further updates will be posted as soon as possible.
Please remain hopeful that this virus will pass and that we can get back to normal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Eric Wolfgang

2020-02-28 - Winter Board meeting review

The 2020 Winter Board of Directors meeting has been finalized. Here is a brief overview of the items of discussion.
- The meeting took place on February 16, 2020. All board members were present.
- Andy Murtagh resigned his position as Assistant Public Relations, the board voted to appoint Bud Williams to the position.
- New rule was approved: "13.0.1 At no time shall a loaded round be placed in the chamber or on the loading tray of any rifle until AFTER the command to "Commence Fire" has been given. This relates to range commands given: A) Prior to the start of the sighter period; B) Prior to the start of the Record period; and C) Any time there is a 'Cease Fire' command given. This is meant to prevent firing BEFORE the "Commence Fire' command is officially announced and for safety reasons during a cease fire."
- A comprehensive review of the camper agreements, locations, lot sizes, outbuildings, etc will be conducted in 2020.
- We are developing a "Hall of Fame" continuation awards program. This is for rewarding shooters who are in the HOF and continue to gain points. These achievements should be recognized and rewarded.
- We will be holding a pre-season fun match again this year on April 18th. 2-man score format.
- Work detail is set for April 25/26. We need your help getting the club ready for the season.
- 200 yard rimfire matches will be held after every LG match.
- Every member will be given 5 raffle tickets to sell. These will sell for $10/each. Members can 'opt out' of the sale for $75.00.
- The fee for the WO was raised $5.00 per category.
2020 Looks to be another great year at the club. I hope to see everyone come out and enjoy a great season.
Eric Wolfgang

2020-01-18 - Forms and Fees updated

As of today (January 18, 2020), all of the fees have been set by the board of directors. The only increase in fees was implemented for the 2020 World Open. An increase of $5.00 per class was voted in to cover increasing operating expenses. ALL other fees have remained the same as last year.
So, with that said, all applications have been updated on this site. You can find ALL applications (Membership, Camper, World Open, and Shooting School) under the 'Info-History' tab at the left side of this page.
Memberships are now due for the 2020 shooting season. Also, the application period for the 2020 shooting school is now open and we will begin accepting applications. Note that this school tends to fill up very quickly, so consider sending in an application ASAP.
If you have any questions, contact Joe Saltalamachia, Andy Murtagh, or Eric Wolfgang for further information ('Contact Us' tab at left).
Again, due to winter weather conditions, the board of directors meeting has been postponed. Hopefully, it can be rescheduled for February 15th. Since the meeting did not yet take place, only the above information has been updated and approved. There are still many items that need to be reviewed (ie: Rules, procedures, work trip, committees, etc). If it wasn't mentioned above, then it is not yet approved for this season.

ATTENTION: Membership Information!!!

ALL NEW MEMBERS applying for membership MUST apply in person at The Original PA 1000 Yard BR Club!!! No exceptions! NEW Memberships will only be accepted in this manner. If you send in your NEW member membership, it will be returned to you. This applies to NEW MEMBERS only.
Please contact any of the board members, or myself ( if you have any questions about this procedure.
The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc., is a BENCHREST CLUB, not a general shooting range. If you would like to participate in Long Range competition or learn how to shoot accurately at Long Range, PLEASE come to the CLUB and join in the fun!