May 19,2007. A spectacular view in Pennsylvania.

Since 1967, the PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club has been holding sanctioned competitions of long range benchrest shooting. Owing a lot of its history to the nearby municipality of Williamsport Pennsylvania, it has become known as the "Williamsport Club". We are proud to be the birthplace of 1000 yard shooting. Our club holds ten regular sanctioned matches each season, none any closer than two weeks apart. The 1000 Yard World Open is always held here in July of each year, and also several "Fun Shoot" weekends, before and after the season. Classes fired are Light Gun on Saturdays and Heavy Gun on Sundays. References to these are made repeatedly throughout the site and definitions of each may be found in the rules section.


2021-07-13 - 2021 World Open

The 2021 World Open is in the books. The RARE conditions allowed for many talented shooters to show off their expertise by posting some ultra small groups and high scores.
The competition was stiff, but in the end we had a great time!
All of the two (2) day results are posted under the World Open tab.
Remember, these numbers are the points calculations, not actual groups and scores.
Thanks to all of the fine men and women who made this event possible. Without your hard work and dedication, none of this would be possible.
Congratulations to Andy Murtagh for winning the 2-Gun Overall shooter award.
Congratulations to Dave Sampson for winning the Light Gun Overall Award.
Congratulations to Dave Way for winning the Heavy Gun Overall Award.
Congratulations to John Gress for winning BOTH the Light Gun and Heavy Gun top Junior Shooter Award.
Some pictures are posted on our Facebook page. More pictures are arriving and will be posted as I receive them.

2021-07-14 - Overall winners determination

Overall winners are determined by adding where each shooter places in each category. NOT determined by adding points. This is the way it has always been.
If you have questions, email me and I will explain it.

ATTENTION: Membership Information!!!

ALL NEW MEMBERS applying for membership MUST apply in person at The Original PA 1000 Yard BR Club!!! No exceptions! NEW Memberships will only be accepted in this manner. If you send in your NEW member membership, it will be returned to you. This applies to NEW MEMBERS only.
Please contact any of the board members, or myself ( if you have any questions about this procedure.
The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc., is a BENCHREST CLUB, not a general shooting range. If you would like to participate in Long Range competition or learn how to shoot accurately at Long Range, PLEASE come to the CLUB and join in the fun!