May 19,2007. A spectacular view in Pennsylvania.

Since 1967, the PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club has been holding sanctioned competitions of long range benchrest shooting. Owing a lot of its history to the nearby municipality of Williamsport Pennsylvania, it has become known as the "Williamsport Club". We are proud to be the birthplace of 1000 yard shooting. Our club holds ten regular sanctioned matches each season, none any closer than two weeks apart. The 1000 Yard World Open is always held here in July of each year, and also several "Fun Shoot" weekends, before and after the season. Classes fired are Light Gun on Saturdays and Heavy Gun on Sundays. References to these are made repeatedly throughout the site and definitions of each may be found in the rules section.

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2019-12-08 - Website Updates for the 2020 shooting Season

I am currently updating the website to refresh everything for the upcoming 2020 shooting season.
As of today (12/08/2019), the ONLY item that is correct is the 2020 schedule. The board of directors has approved the 2020 season schedule and it has been posted on this site.
Other than the schedule, no other forms, rules, or other items have been updated. Most forms, rules, costs, fees, etc have to be approved by the board at the annual winter board meeting scheduled for January 18, 2020.
I will post of this site and our Facebook page any updates as soon as the meeting has been completed.
Eric Wolfgang

2019-10-08 - 2019 Shooting Season is in the books!

The 2019 Season is in the books. We held our annual awards banquet this past Sunday along with our team fun shoot. We had 16 teams/32 shooters that braved the rain and foggy conditions. Congratulations to the winners of the match: 1st Place -Gordy Bitler & Roger Burkett; 2nd Place - Werner Zawadzki & Jay Burger; 3rd Place - Dave Powley & Eric Wolfgang.
Congratulations also to the overall season aggregate winners. The 2-Gun Overall winner was Jay Burger; The Light Gun Overall winner was Robert Shields; and the Heavy Gun Overall winner was Jay Burger.
The Light Gun, 10-Match Score & Group champion was Robert Shield. The Heavy Gun, 10-Match Score & Group champion was Jay Burger.
Also, Melonie Palmatier held onto the Light Gun club record group of 3.060". Great job!
We had a great year of shooting, sometimes challenging, but the club saw some incredible groups and scores. I hope this momentum continues in the years to come.
I wanted to mention that the membership has grown over the past year, which is attributed to all of the members promoting our sport. Keep it up!
Thank you to board of directors for all of the time and effort you put into making this club the premier shooting facility that it is. You are all an inspiration to the shooting community!
Thank you to the members for coming out and growing this sport and supporting your club. I know it isn't always fun to sell tickets or to attend a work detail, but these things are essential to keeping the heartbeat of this club strong!
I hope to see all of you next season, have a safe and enjoyable "off-season". See you in 2020!
Eric Wolfgang

2019-09-24 - Wayne Burrows Breaks into the 3" club

Congratulations to Wayne Burrows for finally making it into the 3" group club at Match 10, Heavy Gun. Wayne cranked out an impressive 3.908" group during Relay #3, Bench #2. Wayne was like a kid in a candy store after getting that target back. Good Job Wayne!

2018-01-22 - ***IMPORTANT INFORMATION***

Please make sure that you review the Rule book!


Our lease binds us to the requirement that the member MUST FIRST come to the home of Larry Plants land owner, or call the preceding evening (570-995-9143) and inform him that the member intends to use the range. This arrangement should eliminate the risk of Mr. Plants and others inadvertently being within the danger zone of the range.

Any member violating this rule may face suspension or expulsion from the club!!!

ATTENTION: Membership Information!!!

ALL NEW MEMBERS applying for membership MUST apply in person at The Original PA 1000 Yard BR Club!!! No exceptions! NEW Memberships will only be accepted in this manner. If you send in your NEW member membership, it will be returned to you. This applies to NEW MEMBERS only.
Please contact any of the board members, or myself ( if you have any questions about this procedure.
The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc., is a BENCHREST CLUB, not a general shooting range. If you would like to participate in Long Range competition or learn how to shoot accurately at Long Range, PLEASE come to the CLUB and join in the fun!