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>Membership Application Forms

>NOTE:ALL NEW MEMBERS applying for membership MUST apply in person at The Original PA 1000 Yard BR Club!!! No exceptions! NEW Memberships will only be accepted in this manner. If you send in your NEW member membership, it will be returned to you. This applies to NEW MEMBERS only. Please contact any of the board members, or myself (PA1000yardsecretary@yahoo.com) if you have any questions about this procedure. The Original PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, Inc., is a BENCHREST CLUB, not a general shooting range. If you would like to participate in Long Range competition or learn how to shoot accurately at Long Range, PLEASE come to the CLUB and join in the fun!

2022 Light Gun Rotation (Word Format)

2022 Heavy Gun Rotation (Word format)

2022 Light Gun Rotation (pdf format)

2022 Heavy Gun Rotation (pdf format)

2023 Benchrest School Application MS Word version

2023 Benchrest School Application PDF version

2023 World Open Application MS Word Format

2023 World Open Application PDF Format

2023 Camper Agreement MS Word version

2023 Camper Agreement PDF version

Contact Information. Club Mailing Address.

2023 PA 1000 Yard Benchrest Club Board of Directors

Current By Laws in MS Word DOC format

Current By Laws in Portable Document Format

Driving Directions to the Club

Dave Troxell's article on the begining of 1000 yard shooting.

Official Worlds Records

Hall of Fame Points Determination Method

Light Gun Class Hall of Fame

Heavy Gun Class Hall of Fame

Past Agg Winners, Light Gun Class

Past Agg Winners, Heavy Gun Class

Light Gun Hall Of Fame Points (as of end 2022)

Heavy Gun Hall Of Fame Points (as of end 2022)

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