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The Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club recognizes twelve official Worlds Records. All of these are based upon results from 10-Shot groups and scores fired in officially sanctioned, scheduled matches. There are four single target records for Light Gun and Heavy Gun Class Group and Score. Then there are eight Aggregate Records based upon the ten targets that make up an aggregate for a full season or the best six out of ten that make up a "six match aggregate". Both of these "Aggs" for Six and Ten Match have categories for Group and Score, as well as differentiation of the Light and Heavy gun classes.

All of these targets have been fired using equipment that complies with the rules of The Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club and fired during a sanctioned match at a range which observes and abides by these rules.

Light Gun Class

Cody Finch, Kalispell MT Small 10 Shot Group 3.835" 08-12-06
Frank Weber, Steelton, PA High 10 Shot Score 100-6X's (4.237") 07-24-2010
Tom Mousel, Kalispell, MT 6 Match Group Aggregate 4.8813 2010
Leo Anderson, Kalispell MT6 Match Score Aggregate 99.500 2011
Tom Mousel, Kalispell, MT 10 Match Group Aggregate 5.8954 2010
Leo Anderson, Kalispell MT10 Match Score Aggregate 96.800 2011

Heavy Gun Class

Matthew Kline, Selinsgrove, PA Small 10 Shot Group 2.815" 09-12-2010
Matthew Kline, Selinsgrove, PA High 10 Shot Score 100-4X 09-12-2010
Frank Weber, Steelton, PA6 Match Group Aggregate 5.0323" 2011
Matthew Kline, Selinsgrove, PA 6 Match Score Aggregate 99.000 2010
Louis Wagner, Hunlock Creek, PA10 Match Group Aggregate 6.1149" 2011
Louis Wagner, Hunlock Creek, PA 10 Match Score Aggregate 96.300 2011