Upload Image Files To The Website


Use the Browse button below to choose the JPG file you wish to upload. Once you choose a file and click submit, your file will be uploaded to a temporary folder on the website where it will be checked for size and image type. This cannot be checked while the file is on your system. Provided the image you sent to the server meets the basic size/type requirements, it will be displayed to you and a form will appear allowing you to type caption data and alternate text, as well as to choose a gallery to display the file in.

Restrictions to this process are:

  1. Files Must Be Smaller Than 4MB
  2. Files Will Be Resized to 1280W x ???H After Upload And The Quality Will Be Reduced Some
  3. Photo's MUST be rotated correctly. If the photo is sideways, it will be deleted.
  4. File Extension Must Be .JPG or .JPEG
  5. Photo Content Must Relate To The Gallery They Are Placed Within
  6. Photos Are Not Available For Viewing Publicly Till Approved By An Administrator

After the form is submitted, an email will be sent to an administrator telling them that photo files are waiting for approval. Once they have been viewed by an administrator and approved for public viewing, they will be shown in the gallery you had chosen. Please be sure to add at least some caption text explaining what is in the photo so people who view these have some idea what they are looking at.

Choose a file to upload:
4 Meg limit:

Upload Note: Keep in mind that it takes some time to upload a large image file to the internet. A 500K image on dialup will take approximately 3 minutes on a good connection. On cable or dsl, it might still take 15-30 seconds depending upon your outbound speed. While this is happening, there is no progress meter displayed to alert you to when it will finish, so you simply have to wait. The time needed will be the same as it would have been if you emailed the photo. When it's completed the photo will appear on your screen along with the input form for the caption.

Last thing, Thanks for taking the time to share your photos with us!