Now here's a list that I've been asked to provide which may never see a lot of population increase from year to year. Shooting a 10 shot group under 4" is quite an accomplishment. I've tried to keep up with all the groups in the 3's, regardless of where they were shot. I've had some help from members of the IBS getting photos and target data from all of their clubs also. To my knowledge, this list is complete for all 10 shot groups at clubs world-wide. If your name appears on this list, you are in a very exclusive group.

Congratulations to anyone who's name is on this list.

As a side note. Should your name happen to be on this list and you would like to have an animated photo of your target provided here for everyone to see, please contact anyone on the Contact Page or email me at PAclub Website for details on how to submit the images. You may also bring the target to the range for a photo to be taken as a last resort. I'd really prefer a flatbed scan if I'm doing an animation but good photos work also.

The Three's Club

OrderMember Name Date Group Size Class Location
1 Frank Weber November-14-1993 *World 3.960" Heavy PA
2 John Vonida July-08-1995 *World 3.151" Heavy PA
3 Tim Meyers September-14-1996    *IBS/NC 3.988"-100 Heavy NC
4 Bill Crawford August-16-1998 *IBS/NC 3.472" Heavy NC
5 Doug Heisen July 25, 1999 3.549" Heavy PA
6 Mark King August-04-2002 3.341" Heavy PA
7 Ed Caldwell June-29-2002 3.942" Heavy NC
8 Mike McNiel August-16-2003 3.734" Heavy NC
9 Shannon Lowman August-21-2004 3.889" Heavy NC
10 Matt Kline June-26-2005 3.195" Heavy PA
11 Ken Brucklacher July-08-2006 3.881" Heavy PA
12 Cody Finch August-12-2006 *World-10Lt 3.835" Light MT
13 Mike McNiel July-15-2006 3.835" Heavy NC
14 Lee Fischer August-20-2006 *IBS/IA 3.427" Heavy IA
15 Hank Bieche August-26-2006 *MT 3.980" Heavy MT
16 Scott Weichel August-27-2006 *MT 3.743" Heavy MT
17 Donita Powers July-14-2007 3.995" Light MT
18 Scott Weber July-15-2007 3.488" Heavy PA
19 Phil Bower September 2-2007 *IBS/VA 3.391" Heavy VA
20 Tom Murtiff September 2-2007 3.943" Heavy VA
21 Matt Dienes September 9-2007 3.690" Heavy PA
22 Leo Anderson April 26-2008 3.928" Heavy MT
23 Matt Dienes August 3-2008 3.988" Heavy WV
24 Leo Anderson August 10-2008 3.475" Light MT
25 Joel Pendergraft May-18-2009 World 3.048" Heavy NC
26 Ken Brucklacher May-3-2009 World 3.137" Heavy PA
27 Mike Johnson June-26-2009 3.988" Heavy PA
28 Jay Burger August-29-2009 3.996" Light PA
29 Ed Janikowski March-3-2010 3.399" Heavy MT
30 Leo Anderson March-4-2010 3.610" Heavy MT
31 Shawn McCarthy April-26-2010 3.515" Heavy PA
32 Ray Lowman July-11-2010 3.062" Heavy PA
33 Paul Chackan July-25-2010 3.627" Heavy PA
34 Mat Dienes July-10-2011 3.641" Heavy PA
35 Mark King July-24-2011 3.933" Heavy PA
36 Paul Martinez August-7-2011 3.383" Heavy PA
37 Matt Dienes August-21-2011 3.514" Heavy PA
38 Mark King August-21-2011 3.593" Heavy PA
39 Dan Frazier September-25-2011 3.981" Heavy PA

Congratulations to everyone here.

There is one target that I simply can't help but put here for everyone to see. Back in 2005, in practice the day before the IBS Nationals in Pella Iowa, Matt Dienes shot a target that's got to be mentioned here. It really doesn't belong in the "3s club". Not because it wasn't shot in a sanctioned match, but, more because it's not a target in the "3s". It's in the 2's! Until recently, there was no official measurement taken on this group. I asked Matt to bring it for an "official" measurement and it turned out to be 2.671. The 9 in the X-ring measured under 1-3/4". This is the granddaddy-of-em-all as far as I'm concerned. Certainly, it's worth a look-see.

OrderMember Name Date Group Size Class Location
Practice Matt Dienes September-1-2005 Around 2.625" Heavy IA

* denotes a Group Record was set, either World record, Club Record or Record Under that Sanctioning Body.

The most interesting thing to note is that over half of all these groups have been shot since the beginning of 2006. A Trend? Will we need to soon drop this and go to a 2's club?

As of September 12 2010 we now have the "Two's Club", officially obtained first by Matthew Kline's 2.815" 100 4X Heavy Gun World Record.

Please, if you have information about any other groups in the 3's (10 shots) (or photos of these here) which were fired in a sanctioned competition under ANY sanctioning body, please let me know via email and I'll update this list as soon as possible.