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The 2007 season is just in the distance, but the work begins now.

There's a lot of things to do in order to get ready for the 2007 season. While it won't be as busy as it was last year, there's still plenty of work for everyone. I know I for one have a lot of things to do before the April fun shoot and work days begin.

The winter meeting went well, I'm sorry I didn't get some information up here earlier concerning that. I'll try to fill in now as many things as I can to get everyone caught up. Things have been slow in my email and I've not been hunting for news to post.

Newsletter Changes

By now, most of you received the spring newsletter that was sent out. Since most of the information in our normal spring newsletter was redundant, we decided to trim it down a bit and save some money, which we did. There is still some speculation about the format of the newsletter, if it will be in color, just b/w, the size, etc. We are also still investigating more ways to save more money on it. We have at least one more vendor to explore for the publishing which we have yet to get a quote from. Whichever saves the club the most cost and delivers the best copy, will be the route that's chosen. The example that was shown to the board members was a very nice brochure. I'm sure that everyone would be thrilled to have something like that. A decision on this will be made as soon as I talk with the various printers to find out what their requirements are and report back to the board with my findings. The newsletter was far and away the biggest topic of the winter board meeting. So far the plans look very promising.

Target Frame Construction

Moving along to another item of some contention, there has been an offer made by Bob DuPont to supply all hardware to build new target frames. This would include all the machine work and materials for all metal parts of the pits. This of course is not all that would be needed to do the job. Treated lumber for the uprights and frames themselves would also need to be supplied. Then, there is considerable labor to ercet these things. As anyone who was in the pits last spring knows, changing the target frames out would be no small task.

As anyone would guess, there is also a considerable cost involved in the remaining materials required for the construction of the frames. As of the time of the board meeting, an estimate of $130/target would be required to cover the cost of the frames. This estimate would include the actual construction of a pre-fab'd frame, ready to install. I'm assuming, and no I did not ask, that there would also be a need for some transportation of these to the club. They're big and I don't know where the actual construction would take place. The materials to do the job would cost about 1/2 of the $130 and the remainder was an estimate from a friend of Bob DuPont who said that he'd build the frames for us. Looking at the one that's already standing, I can't immaging wanting to build them ourselves but that's also an option.

An example frame is standing outside the clubhouse right now. It's a real beauty of a target frame. The project is right now slated for 2008, pending the availability of funds for this. As you all know, a lot was spent on range improvements in 2006. After some deliberation by the board, it was decided that the only way this project could go forward would be if people were willing to donate the funds to pay for the target frames. There would be 15 in all. Without a doubt, it is expected that the $130 will NOT cover every penny of the cost of the frames. Certianly there will be other work that would be needed to finishe the job. Some other proposals were made to move the targets another 3 feet or so toward the impact area and be able to add a small roofed area at the pit wall so people could stay a little more dry during rainy weather. This is just one example of another item that might drive the cost up, which is not included in the materials estimate for the frames. Stone which last year cost around $400 / truckload is another item that would need paid by the club, should this all take place. My point being, the donation of the target frames and money for materials, is about the only way the board sees the club being able to afford this at any time in the near future.

As of now, we are looking at the possibility of having 15 target frames. As a small momento, if you'd be gracious enough to donate the money for a frame, or, if you'd prefer to go in with another person and cough up the cash for a frame, the club will provide a brass plaquard with your name on it, attached to your target frame. We are hoping that by the end of the 2007 season that there will be enough people step forward to pay for 14 target frames. (one is already standing at the clubhouse). With Bob DuPont's gracious offer, and the willing help of the membership, enough of the cost of the frames could be offset to make this an affordable reality for the club. Please consider helping us out with this.

If you would like to donate the money for a frame and wanted to pay it before the work day in April, please send the money to Sarah Morgan and be sure to include a note telling her what the money is for. That way, it does not go toward match fees or whatever.

Since some of you may not have seen the proposed frames, Joe took some photos of the example which has been at the range since last fall. Bob built this and put it up outside the clubhouse so that everyone could see. It's a working model and you are welcome to check it out when you go to the range. I have posted the photos in Gallery 9 - Work parties and Range Construction, page 3. Please check out the photos and see what you think. If the money should show up for these, the construction of the frames will begin but the installation will not happen until after the 07 season is finished.

Rules Changes for 2007

Before I get started, the 2007 rules are posted on this website. Please check them out if you have any further questions.

Actually, there were not a whole lot of changes in the rules. More, rewordings than anything really.

Of the more prominent changes, the "round on the tray" rule which was tried out in 2006 was repealed and is no longer in effect.

Then, Light Gun Stocks were another item which needed addressed. A decision was made to remove 1 word from the light gun stock rule which essentially now limits the width of any part of a light gun stock to 3 inches. This was not clear before, and well, it is now.

Pit Duty for relay 1 is no longer an option. It will be a requrement that you be IN THE PITS at 8:50am to help get the match under way.

No longer will you be able to practice on prominant holiday weekends. We have been asked to make the range quiet during these times and so it shall be.

Late entry fees and non-member entry fees were both changed. These are $20 and $25 respectively.

While I did replace a lot of other rules with text I was given to "Change Wording", I'll be honest, even I didn't see what the changes were. I know it was said that several rules were re-worded, but, if they were, it was, ... Subtle.

If I missed anything I'll come back to it. That's the meat and potatoes of the rules anyhow.

More website changes...

I'm starting to think these will never end. With each year, comes some new things that need done. I'm trying to get the history of past seasons match results and standings up on the site. This will probably take some time and might well not be done till the season is begun.

At the request of a member, there was a classifieds section added to the website at the end of last year. To my knowledge, there has not been a classified ad placed. If you have something that you'd like to sell, please place an ad there. It accepts photos and descriptions, as well as allows a re-submit if the item does not sell on the first try.

Well, that's about all...

That I've got for you today. I'll try to get more information as it comes to me. With some other administrative duties I have this spring, the website won't change nearly as much as it did last year. Don't expect updates on a weekly basis is what I'm trying to say. I'll do what I can to make it interesting but for now, I have some more pressing things to get done in order to be ready for match one. Not the least of which is getting guns to shoot better than they did today!