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Member Email Forwarding

Another note I'd like to make people aware of. A lot of things will be new this year concerning the web site. One of the services we now receive is a huge number of email accounts and email forwards. I'll explain these to you because I want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in this. Keep in mind this is a COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY participation.

Many times I've had members ask me if I had so-and-so's email address because they wanted to contact that person. For those who would like an email address at, I can set it up in one of 2 ways. I can either give you a 10 Megabyte email account that you check by either setting up your email client (program) or using a webmail interface. OR I can set you up with email "Forwarding". Either way offers a few advantages.

For most, the forwarding is the way to go. Using the email account option means you need to configure something on your end and have 2 places to check mail. Probably not what many folks want. Forwarding means that I can give you an account alias that people can send mail to that will redirect right to your own current email account. Most importantly, without changing it, it can be re-forwarded to a different address if you so choose. Lets say you change your email address and want it sent somewhere new.

For example, to send mail to Frank Grappone, you click on his name on the contact page and mail goes to Well, there is no such account at There is however an email forward that sends that mail to Franks own email account when you send it to Neither you nor he ever sees that take place. He does not need to do anything new to get that email other than tell me to set it up on our server. He can also tell me to stop it and I can shut it down just as quickly as I set it up. Actually, quicker. So, in this way, you don't really need to know a persons email address to send them email IF THEY PARTICIPATE. If they don't, your mail will be returned to you unsent with a notice that the address is unavailable. By that you will know that person either is not able to receive emails or is not interested in receiving them from other members.

All you need to know is the persons name and stick that in front of and you have their address. Simple. I thought it would be a nice thing to add. Board members have little choice in the matter because if I have their email address, they're in there. If you have a name that's longer than the Mississippi like Joe, you can abbreviate it. He can be reached at either joesalt or joesaltalamachia for example. I set He and Kathy up twice.


This may or may not be used for club information later. I'll see what the members think of it at one of the meetings. For ease of finding people, I will keep the names listed the way they are in the newsletter so that people can get the spellings from there if they need to. Also, it will save us from needing to know if it's Joe or Joseph, Kathy or Katherine, etc. Whatever they've chosen to be in the newsletter is the way it will be. For whatever reason you might want to contact someone, you may find this helpful. Of particular interest would be the people in the club who provide services such as gunsmithing or whatever making themselves available to members who may not have their phone number or email address. If you're perhaps looking for a shooting partner for an off match weekend or weekday to cover the pits or whatever, you could set it up this way. Well, you get the idea.

If you'd like to be set up, Please send an email to:Lori King and she will see that you're set up immediately. Please specify if you would like an account or just a forward. Forwarding requires NO setup on your part other than giving us your current email address. I will provide instructions on how to access the accounts should anyone want one. IF you want an account, you will need to choose a password for it and either set up a mail client or use the webmail interface we have. Generally, forwarding is the way to go.

Thanks again for stopping in!

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